I bet you can do it!

I haven't been drinking anything but water for at least a month. Other then a glass or two of soy milk to up my protein intake. I usually have a glass before bed as a snack. It's suppose to be good for you... ;) lol I haven't even had coffee. I was a must have 1-2-3 cups of coffee a day kind of person. I gave it up cold turkey, and I haven't looked back! I tried to have a cup the other day, and I could only drink half of it.

I buy fruits and veggies at the store, and I prep everything all at once. I wash, dry, cut, and chop everything and put them in containers. Well - not apples, but you get the idea. Then it's an easy grab for a snack! I love carrots with guacamole! I also do low fat or fat free yogurt and mix in fruit or make fruit smoothies. I seriously haven't had any sweets for the last 1-2 months other then when I took the kids to a cupcake place that one on cupcake wars. lol

I also eat a lot of chicken. I am always on the look out for healthy marinades for chicken. We are a chicken family! I also replace our ground beef with turkey. I make turkey burgers with avocado or guacamole with no bun. I still eat carbs though...

I have also been going to the gym. I have so much energy since starting my new eating plan and going to the gym. My day ends at 1030-11 every night, and I am up at 5. I have never been able to get moving this quickly getting up at 5! lol I love my sleep! I also haven't been sleeping the greatest, so I am impressed with my energy!

Good luck though, Missi! Don't bring the "bad stuff" in your house, but also don't cut it off completely otherwise it can backfire!