Just another reason why I love hanging out HERE, at GingerScraps, than at Mommy forums and blogs. It's just too insane. Sure we're all mothers, grandmothers, aunties and the like... but we don't sit and judge and say harsh things to one another re: our parenting choices. I'm sure we all have opinions, but at least we keep them to ourselves, or share them with RESPECT...unlike what I see in these other mommycentric forums, etc.

I am venting(?) due to seeing a link on Facebook to an article(about RF and FF your child), to which I read and then proceeded to read the comments- it's just... frustrating that there are so many "mommy wars". I mean, focus on your own life and not everyone else's! ARG!

Okay, done ranting, and thanks GingerScrappers for being such a great group!