When I was growing up, I used to get car sick a lot. It seemed like a pretty common thing for kids right? Well looking back on it I know it was the Smell combination of My mom's smoking, and the leather seats ! I still can't drive in cars with leather without feeling sick. We had to drive out of town to get to the "good" stores , 15 minutes away on a straight run of highway with not much but a few hot dog stands here and there. Sabrett. Natural Casing. mmmm.... But as I grow and learn, and being a mom I now know, the hot dog was the deciding factor.
If I ( or now my kids) feel sick, they may or may not actually (vomit). And if they ate a HOT DOG, well it's pretty much a guarantee ! Eeeew !
So moving on to Mom stress !!! When I'm stressing and three people need me, want answers, need help, want food, money what not in my house I get all flustered fast. My heart races, and a sort of confusion begins to set in. And anger. Doesn't anyone in the house see your all "at me" at once? Well , my dog Tucker........ He is the hot dog in the situation and when he enters the picture I SNAP. He barks at me to go out, and if ignored, he stands there getting more and more aggressive and mean with his bark until he takes over everyone and everything and I have to TAKE HIM OUT. Most of the time he just saw a cat or squirrel dance by.
So Tucker is my "Hot Dog" factor. He makes me lose it.
What's yours ???? When 3 things are going, what is the one that always makes you lose it? Scream? Curse ?