So hubby and I have been concentrating on losing weight since last November. I have a really bad knee that was dragging me down and causing me to gain weight due to inactivity. I finally decided enough was enough and we made some major changes to our diet, which consisted of no sugar, no flour, no pasta or rice, and no starchy vegetables. Basically a low carb diet but not as low as Atkins. It worked and has now become a life style change for us. I've lost 50 lbs and my hubby has lost 60 lbs.

We decided that it was time to test out the knee and get some exercise after an opportunity arose to join our local YMCA through one of their financial scholarships because my hubby is on disability. Our Y is a brand new facility that just opened in February and it's gorgeous!

We're spending 5 days a week in this fun pool taking a water aerobics class 3 mornings a week and then swimming on our own the other 2 days. And let me tell you, my hiney is dragging! It's quite the workout but I am loving it. I grew up on the water so I'm like a fish when it comes to swimming and so far, my knee is cooperating and letting me do this so I'm a happy camper because we had to commit to a year.