Hi, my name is Amanda but otherwise known as MandaPanda. I started digiscrapping a few years ago with Missdamsil. She and I were friends and she introduced me into it. It was a lot of fun but I got busy with my kids and life .. Now I am trying to get started back. Looking to make some new friends and I hear this is a great site to do both . I have two teenage boys.. ages 15 and 13. James is in the band and plays percussion.. and David plays football. So needless to see from the time school starts till like Nov.. I am very busy between games and booster clubs.. This year will be alittle slower for me due to the fact that I will be having my right knee replaced on Sept 12.. I had my left knee done back in late February. I also enjoy painting ceramics too. So that is just a little bit about me. Looking forward to making new friends..