Hello, I have dabbled in scrapbooking off and on for several years due to work and family demands.

I am wife to my dh for 38+ years. We have a fair sized family that is still growing. Children+spouses+grandchildren=26 at this time.

I am currently working full time but I hope to make a change in that later this year. I work as a sales representative currently.

My husband is home due to some disabilities. He often helps out with grandchildren. (I am jealous!)

I am working on developing a home based business for us.

I like to read, scrapbook, & crochet. I am also interested in natural health through the blessing of essential oils.

I have dabbled with html, & css. I still want to learn php. These challenge and intrigue me. I love typing in code and seeing it create a web page.

I have also dabbled with creating quick pages and scrapbook paper. I want to learn to do extractions when I have a bit more time.

I also want to learn Spanish and become fluent.

I love all things digital and I am the geek in the family. My grandson, Myron, blames me for turning him into a self titled "Zelda geek." He is nine. LOL He will flat out tell you it's all Nana's fault.

I currently also serve as a substitute teacher in my church's children's organization, appropriately referred to as Primary.

I think that just about covers the basics of me.

Thank you for allowing me to join. I have been looking around for a cyber home. I am hoping this will be a fit!