How to you scrapbook? Do you scrapbook in chronological order, or just on a whim/whatever strikes you at the time? Even if you do scrapbook out of order, how do you organize your albums? Are they set up by year, or by subject or trip or theme?

I love the freedom of scrapbooking what I want when I want, instead of being tied to the next group of photos in my timeline, and I love the freedom of albums with page protectors because I can rearrange them whenever I want but I HATE the size of albums. I know digi takes of way less room than paper scrapping, but I also like to alter a page or two here and there too. I saw a bound photo book the other day and since then the idea of it has been tempting. They are so compact and easy to look at compared to post bound albums...I just don't know if I could make the leap and commit to a type of album organization. Also I feel like if I scrap by album, then I am tied to the next photos in the album and I would lose my freedom of scrapping what I want when I want.

Would love to hear what y'all think, and how you scrapbook too!