I have a few names, three.
I know which name goes where but now that GS is my 'sweet spot', , it can be confusing.

My formal name is Rachel. That's for the serious places, like newsletters and such. (that's the name I registered here). Then I have Ricki. That's the name I go by daily, for more than thirty years. On FB it's Ricki. Twitter too and a few more places.
THEN I have my web nick, littledino. That's a story on it's own..........

Since I have made GS my place I have decided to tell about it because I am starting to feel at home here and I also want to make a siggy with my name Ricki. If I wouldn't have explained, no on would know where the name Ricki popped up from . Besides, where I feel at home I'm used to the name Ricki.

I didn't realize I would ever have the know-how to really participate in a forum so this is a little embarrassing surprise to me. Is there is any possibility of changing my forum name from littledino to Ricki now that I have told my 'name' story?