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I also use AVG and it does a really good job. It does sound like you might have a virus though, although I am not a computer person at all, and there's a lot of great advice here already for you. I hope you get it figured out. There is a way to check your computer to see what is running in the BG, but I can't remember how to do that. Does anyone here know how to do that?
Hi Toni!
This can help but PLEASE, if anyone isn't sure I wouldn't want to take responsibility. That would make me feel awful. Do this only if there is confidence. I have a Mac but I remember from my PC days AND I Googled it:

On PC:
ctrl-alt-delete, then choose Task Manager OR run taskmgr from the start menu/run
Click the tab labeled "Processes." The box under "CPU Usage" shows the activity of your computer's CPU. The boxes under "CPU Usage History" show the usage history of each CPU core.

On Mac:
Activity monitor is in the Applications folder, there in the Utilities folder.