So we have the xfinity triple play...cable, internet, phone, all in one deal. I don't think it's a deal, in fact if it were up to me, I'd cancel cable. I never watch it anyway. It is so expensive...the last time I looked at the bill I was's around $180 per month. But, my husband pays for it and so he insists on keeping it.

It does include the Norton Security Suite. So I thought, great since we pay so darn much for this whole package, this security should be pretty good...right? Wrong! I'm pretty sure we have a virus or SOMETHING. The computer is new; only a few months old and is now SOOO SLOW. Lots of pop-ups; and some pages won't even load or take forever; especially FB; which we all NEED because of scrapping!

So I was wondering what you all use for virus protection..and if its free; that would be great! I just used AVG for the free month...didn't seem to do anything.

PLEASE HELP>>>and use simple terms...I'm no computer genius obviously!!