Hi everyone, I am GreyRaven on the WWW. but to my family and friends, I am Cindy. I have been a scrapper for almost 13yrs give or take. Lately since we moved to the thumb about 5yrs ago I slowly had been loosing my funk. Now that my kids are all grown and graduated...I don't know what to scrap. Not that everything i have has been scrapped...I only did like quick books for their open houses and called it good. still have so many photos to scrap but it is like now that they are grown up ...I just don't feel the craftyness. Has anyone else felt that way? anyways i have been collecting and collecting and feeling like i want to do some digi scrapping so hoping to get into some of the challenges and games and stuff.

I am 46yrs old, married for 24yrs. to a good man. Have three children 2 girls- 25yrs and 20yrs old and a boy 19yrs. no grandchildren or marriages yet. I am a photographer. love boxers have one crazy one too lol. I guess anything you would like to know just ask.

I really hope i can get out of this funk and get back to doing the two things i love most. photography and scrapping.

blessed be


how do i make one of them great siggys or can someone show me?