7.25.12 at 10am est!
We're in the Chat Room now! Speed Scrap with me, earn points for the Coupon Grab Bag, and make an awesome layout!!

Start out by Finding 2-3 Photos, they do not have to be Christmas themed, thats up to you

Step 1: pick 2 papers for you background, layer them on on top of the other, lets keep it square, but i wont whip you with a wet noodle if you dont, lol

Step 2: place another square peice of paper in the center your photos will be on top of this so make sure you make it big enough.

Step 3: lets play with paper strips! cut out differnt colors and patterns of paper in to stips and layer them on top of that paper square we just laied down.

Step 4: place your 2-3 Photos on top of your stips, you can let them out of the square, or keep them in the square of stacked paper stirps. mine are messy!

Step 5: lets trow in some fun elements layer them under or untop of your papers stips and photos.

Step 6: Title and Date! make sure to add your shaddows, and upload to the Gallery and Post back here! remember to make a note in you point list so you can get the Coupon Grab Bag!

Layouts Due by 10 am Est 7/26/12