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    Hi ladies! I miss you!! So, for those of you who don't know, I am taking classes to get my degree in photography. Right now I am in an English class which is required for the degree. Soooo..I had to write a persuasive essay and since I know a little about the subject I chose to write about Digital scrapbooking. LOL!
    This essay had to be written in 3rd person, which is really hard for me as I am used to writing in 3rd person. It also had to be in MLA format, (which explains the citations in the essay) all of which I am hoping I did right. If any of you ladies have a few minutes to spare, I would love some feedback before I turn it in. Thanks!

    This is the requirements for the essay form the professor;
    • Your essay’s introduction. Is it engaging and focused?
    • Does each paragraph contain adequate support. If not, what might you add?
    • Whether paragraphs build upon one another versus merely follow one another. Do transitions make these relationships clear?
    • Your conclusion. Does it tie up the paper nicely without merely summarizing what’s already been said?
    You should use the evaluation criteria outlined below as a guide as you compose.

    Sorry it is pretty long it had to be at least 1,600

    DigitalScrapbooking Is Better Than Traditional Scrapbooking

    Scrapbookinghas been a very popular hobby for many years. As long as people have memoriesto preserve, scrapbooking has been there. In the past, scrapbooking has beendone with paper and scissors and glue and of course lots of fun embellishments.But, just as reading traditional books has been replaced with e-books ande-readers, the scrapbooking world has gone digital, and the scrappers love it.Digital scrapbooking has many features that make it much more popular thattraditional scrapbooking. It is much more affordable, there is no mess, thereis no need tons for storage space for all the supplies and the digital pagescan be printed out and enjoyed for years to come. Tons of traditional scrappershave gone digital and people that would never have even thought to paper scrapbook,because they thought it was too much trouble, have taken up the hobby of digiscrapping because it is such an easy and fun way to preserve their familiesprecious memories.

    Fordigital scrapbooking of course one must have a computer, which according to theUS census for 2000; more than half of the households in the US has computers(US Census). One of the great things about digital scrapbooking is that it goesperfectly with digital photography which has taken over film photography. If weare taking digital photos why not digi scrapbook, it’s so convenient, thephotos are already right there on the computer. Of course, photo editingsoftware is needed for digi scrapbooking, but there are many affordableoptions. The most popular one would be Adobe Photoshop Elements which can bedownloaded from the internet (Adobe). One great way to get started is todownload the free trial of the editing program of choice and try it out for 30days to see if it is enjoyable. There are also free programs that can bedownloaded, these ones might not be quite advanced as Photoshop, but they are agreat starting point (Free). Now, once the editing software is on your computerand paid for, that is it. There is no need to pay again. It is there and readyto be used for years to come. Some people might feel intimidated by the editingprograms, but the really great thing is that there are hundreds of tutorialsonline which are very helpful, and will teach the new user how to digiscrapbook with them. There are evenonline classes that will teach the ins and outs of digi scrapbooking, andhundreds of digital scrapbooking forums full of other digi scrappers that loveto help out newbies, with tips and friendly support. These programs really areall in one; the photos can be edited and scrapped all in one program.

    Toscrapbook paper is needed, of course, not only paper, but, stickers, ribbons,etc. all those embellishments that make the scrapbook pages art. Withtraditional scrapbooking all of these items are purchased separately, and thiscan become very expensive. With digital scrapbooking it is much more costeffective. With digi the scrapper willgo online and purchase a digital scrapbooking kit. These kits come in everytheme imaginable. Included in a digital kit are the papers, and all sorts ofdigi embellishments for use on the digi scrapbook pages. The kits are all colorcoordinated and ready for use. The scrapper just needs to go online to one ofthe hundreds of digi scrapbooking stores pay for the kit with PayPal, downloadand scrap (Penny Springman). The really great thing about digital kits VStraditional items is that with digital, all of these items can be used over andover again. With traditional paper items, each item can be used only once. And,not only can the scrapper use the item more than once, they can recolor, andresize the items to fit their project. These digital kits vary in price fromfree-to about $10.00. The standard price for a digi kit is about $4.00. But,the really great thing is that digital scrapbook kit designers are alwaysgiving away freebies. So, for the beginning digi scrapbooker these freebies area great way to get a good stash of digi supplies going.

    Withdigital scrapbooking all the supplies needed are stored right in the computer.The digital scrapbooker does not need closets and desks full of supplies. Withdigital scrapbooking all the supplies needed are stored right in the computeror on an external hard drive. With traditional scrapbooking the supplies arestored all over the house, in closets, desks etc. Yes, it is very easy to fillup a hard drive with digi scrapbooking supplies, but when that happens, anexternal hard drive is a great way to add more space for digi goodies. Justmake sure the external hard drive is kept in a safe location, where it will notget dropped of knocked over. The external hard drive can be very fragile. Ofcourse, there is always that chance of a computer crash. This is something adigi scrapper fears as these are precious memories stored on their computer orEHD. It is recommended that all those precious photos, digi supplies and saveddigi scrapbook pages are backed up with an online backup service. There aremany to choose from and the fees are low. For example the online company calledMozy that is a great option for online storage. The prices are $5.99 per monthfor 50GB of storage (Mozy). This is an investment that is not just importantfor digi scrappers, but for anyone who stores photos and other importantinformation on their computers. With this online backup those photos andmemories are safe from fire, flood or any other damage that could occur. Withtraditional scrapbooking your scrapbook supplies and memory books are stored inyour home, and if there was fire or any other tragic event, these memorieswould be lost forever. With online back up those memories are safe forgenerations to come (Mozy).

    Withdigital scrapbooking there is little to no mess. Since all the scrapping isdone on the computer, there is no more cutting of paper. All the cutting isdone in the editing program, which means no little bits of paper scraps allover the floor. Gone are the days of the dining room table being covered inpaper and photos and stickers and, glue. All of the scrapping is done with a click of the mouse. Everything iscontained within your computer which is great because digital scrapbooking canbe done minutes before guests come over and there is no need to worry aboutcleaning up (Brady Lou)! And, if the scrapper owns a laptop, scrapping can bedone anywhere, just pack up the laptop and scrap on the go.

    Digitalphoto books are much more durable and safer than traditional scrapbooks.Traditional scrapbooks can be large and heavy; they are fragile also, as theyare full of items glued to the pages. If the traditional scrapbook gets lost ordamaged it is gone forever. With digital scrapbooks these problems are a thingof the past. With digital scrapbooks many more pages can fit in one album, thiswill save space and be much lighter. Digital scrapbooks are also very durable.They are printed on archival paper that will last for generations. To printthese digital scrapbook papers the scrapper will just need to upload theirpages to an online photo printing company. This is done with just the click ofa mouse. The scrapper chooses the size they want and how many copies of eachpage they want. It is that easy. They digital scrapbook is also replaceable. Ifthe printed scrapbook gets lost or damaged, the scrapper just needs to orderanother one. Once one scrapbook is ordered, the printing company will store thepages online for ease of future orders. This makes it great to order extracopies for friends and loved ones. Digital scrapbooks are the perfect wayto celebrate your memories. Choose from different sizes and styles andcustomize your photo book exactly the way you want it to look (Persnickety Prints)!

    Of course there are some times whenthe paper scrapper that has gone all digital might miss all the cutting andgluing. There is that feeling of some loss of creativity because all thecreating is done on the computer. This is where hybrid scrapping comes in.Hybrid scrapping Hybridscrapbooking refers to the integration of both digital and traditional items inthe creation of a single project (Miss Mint). Hybrid scrapbooking is the best ofboth worlds. In hybrid projects the scrapper can create projects for their home,cards, gifts and other items. All while using their digital scrapping stash. Allthey need to do is design their project in their photo editing program, print,assemble, add some traditional elements such as buttons or ribbons, if they choose,and enjoy! So if they were to design a card on the computer and print it outand then glue on a fabric flower with a rhinestone in the center to it, BAM! Theyhave themselves a hybrid card (Miss Mint). This way all those scrappers that havegone from the traditional paper scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking who miss allthe touching and gluing used in a traditional projects, can still have a chanceto get in there and get those fingers sticky. This is also a great way for the traditionalscrappers to use all those supplies they have left over from the days before theywent all digital.

    Digitalscrapbooking is a wonderful hobby. It is the perfect way to preserve all thoseprecious photos and memories. And, it can be done without spending a lot ofmoney, making a big mess, or filling your house with boxes and boxes of supplies.Once digital scrapbooks are printed out they can be enjoyed for years and years.What a great way to pass those memories on to the younger generation. These specialscrapbooks are created with love and will be treasured forever.


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    Hi Julie! The essay flows pretty well. You may want to check for some grammatical paragraph has the same sentence twice. Also it looks like there might be formatting problems but it could be that i am on my phone. I thought that your conclusion was done well. I think that you have done well convincing me to digi scrap. You may want to define what the term digi means so that the reader isn't lost. To those of us that do digiscrap seems common but maybe not to everyone. Hope that helps. You can definitely see that your knowledge shows through.

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    Thanks Suzanne, I went back and fixed af ew things. Thanks for the feedback. And thanks for taking the time to read

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