I am frustrated and hope someone can help me out. Please.

I had to transfer all my pics and my scrapbook stuff to my new Seagate Free Agent Go Flex 1 tb EHD today. It took me over 5 hours to do so and that was just for the scrapbook stuff. Any way, after the transfer was complete, I opened my PSP program (which worked fine yesterday) and PSP froze. I uninstalled and reinstalled PSP 3 times today to no avail. It still froze. I cussed it out several times and got mad and just walked away from it.

I unplugged the new EHD and my PSP opens and works fine. There is a conflict somewhere between the 2 programs somewhere and it's driving me crazy.

Has anyone ever had a problem with this sort of thing and if so what did you do?

Any help would be great...

Thank you so much