We moved in to our house almost 2 years ago now and have done almost nothing cosmetically since we moved in. The house was passed down to us from my Hubby's parents when they went into an assisted living facility, so, it still looks like it did when they left. Ie: old, yucky wall paper, bright yellow paint in the dining room and a two toned kitchen (fuchsia and tan). None of which is our style. We didn't want to do anything to the house because we weren't sure if we'd be staying here or moving out of the province again. The kids are in school now and have settled into life here so I think we're going to stick around for a while. I hope.

We decided that it's time to start fixing the house up. We removed a wall between the living room and the dining room to give it a more open concept. We added a laundry room and mudroom area in the front entry porch too. The next step other than painting is a complete reno on the bathroom. Actually, the bathroom is going to be moved from it's current location into the spare bedroom. The current bathroom will then become a master closet and a closet for my daughters room. It's going to be amazing when it's done. We're on a really strict budget so I'm trying to do this as economically possible.

When that's complete, next year we're doing the kitchen! That's what I'm excited for! I'm all about the kitchen! I think tomorrow I'm going to take a whole bunch of "before" pictures so I can scrap all about our reno process.