Do you regift? Why or why not?

I regift stuff that MIL gives DD. Most of the time, DD doesn't even see what MIL gives her. I've repeatedly asked MIL not to buy certain stuff for DD, but she buys it anyway. So... I give it to friends.
And I've repeatedly told MIL that I don't like to bake but she is always buying me baking/cooking stuff. She got me a BabyCakes Cake Pop machine and some accessories. I can't imagine spending time in front of that thing while trying to take care of my infant DS and my almost-5yo lol, so I asked a friend if she wanted it. (She knows that I get stuff from my MIL that I don't want so I told her it was from MIL. She didn't care! She's been wanting one and she got it for free from me.)

So what about you? Do you re-gift? Do you care if someone regifts something to you?