Oh my goodness... we have fires springing up everywhere! Not only is it crazy hot but we've had hot winds and smoke from fires in our air for two weeks now. Just when one fire gets under control, a few more spring up! We watched fireworks from the deck tonight and also watched the glow of orange on the mountains across the valley, dangerously close to more homes. And then the moon rose above the mountains not far from the fires, and it too was orange from the smoke in the air! We thought it was another fire springing up. Every day we come home smelling like campfire and our house does too. We continue to pray for the firefighters and for those whose homes are in danger or have already been destroyed. And praying for rain!!! Here's a close up of the fire near homes and that building is the Draper Temple. The Salt Lake Valley is big and we were watching from the from the other side.