My parents are bringing my kids a trampoline in a few days so I'm hoping that's going to keep them busy for a while. We have a sandbox that keeps them busy digging in the back yard. We just started a small veggie garden so they love to check it out everyday. Emma likes to water it and Aiden likes to pull the weeds. lol. We have a beach close to our house so we try and take them there when the weathers good. And there's also a fishing hole at the beach so we try to go fishing at least once a week.

I've been adding to my paper/crafting stash over the past year so I've got lots of fun activities that they can do inside when the weather's yucky. They love to make kites and to decorate them with stickers. I use heavy cardstock for the kites and wool or twine for the string. They love it.

Yesterday, we made Canada flags out of straws and paper. We cut out all the shapes and leaves and glued them to the construction paper and used the straws as the flag poles. They loved it. We make our own board games that they can play. We make up the rules and then we play. It's fun. I've also Pin'd soooo many ideas on Pinterest that I've got to sort through too. There's a lot of fun looking stuff in there too.