So, here I am still hoping for some more wedding themed kits out there for me to grab before my big day this August. I know I've picked up a few from the lovely ladies here at Gingerscraps, but would love to have more choices for all the amazing pages I can't wait to scrap.

I've gotten a lot of 'love' themed kits, but was really hoping for some more that had actual wedding elements like cakes, and brides and groom type items, maybe even like the back of a car with the ribbons tied on, flower girl basket, the rings, bells, veils, all that good stuff Of course, my colors are like a royal blue, which I would love to have in a wedding kit, but haven't found too many out there in the blue scheme. Whites and silvers and golds would tie in nicely too would be great to have a some wedding shower themed items too.. I've got pages and pages from my shower(s) (yes more than one as my school friends had one for me too), that I'd love some wedding shower themed kits to make the scrapping of them easier