Have you seen the grocery tote deal at York photo? Someone posted about it on a coupon site I visit, and I thought I'd post about it here in case you ladies might be interested. It is actually $1 a tote with $3.99 shipping, and you are allowed to order 3. There is a coupon code on their site to get you the bags for $1. They are regularyly $8.99.

I'm not sure if the shipping is $3.99 a piece or if you just pay a one time $3.99 shipping. If someone orders one you can let us know. I'll probably order a few, so if I do I can try to come back here and let you know. I think these would be so cute to build and upload your own design on the bag and use a digi-scrap type page on them! It would be so cute with this collab:

I know my mom might actually use reusable grocery totes if she had some of these with her grandkids on them! I think it is time for some Christmas shopping lol!