Most of you do not know what has been going on.

A little history set up: 35 years ago I met a wonderful friend, Angie. Angie and I were best friends and inseparable from the age of 10 (4th grade). In 1988, Angie married my brother and became my sister in law. Those that have know me for a while recall that 5 years ago Angie went into the hospital for a yeast infection and died from a misplaced IV. They preferated her vien and she bled to death. Her family and my family have been very close for 27 years now, even though I have been close to her family for 35 years!

Sunday her sister Cindy went into the hospital with breathing issues. Monday night she had two cardiac arrests and was placed on a ventalator. Tuesaday they discussed options and ran tests and she was given only 3% chance to stay alive and even lass % chance to LIVE. After long discussions with family and close friends (my parents), Wednesday the family decided to disconnect life support on Thursday. So I drove in Wednesday night and spent yesterday at the hospital with the family while we disconnected life support. I held her hand as she died. It was very emotional and draining.

on the brighter side, one of the things Cindy wanted was for our niece Rikki to marry her live in boyfriend of 3 years. They were planning to wed on July 21st. So, today we took care of one of Cindy's last requests and Rikki got married! Today has been another long emotional day. (And expensive as I paid for everything!!)

I am ready to get back to Nashville!! lol