I'm back on an old computer and I'm realizing that I've lost the actions for my drop shadows. Needless to say, I'm a complete IDIOT when it comes to making my own drop shadows... Please don't tell!!

I have Flergs free drop shadows, Katie Pertiet's from Designer Digitals... But the one set I want the MOST???? Traci Murphy's shadow actions!! So... what is the problem, you might say?? Well, I can't seem to find her in any stores out there (she used to be at Funky Playground)...

Does anyone know if she is still selling somewhere?? Maybe somewhere her drop shadow action may be available (not pirated, but on her blog or personal store)??

If not, can anyone send me in the right direction to a new designer so that I can get easy drop shadows back??? I printed out a short tutorial I found, but I don't think I have quite the patience to do that to each of my layers.

If you look in my siggie, you can see my DESPERATE need for drop shadow actions!!! LOL! I think it looks HORRIBLE!!!