I have had acrylic on my nails for years and years - probably 20 years or better! Several times I've thought I could go without them, but having that product on my nails really pretty much ruined them - when I didn't have the acrylic on them, my nails were so owie - it was like having only skin on top of my fingers.
I decided to give it another try about 6 weeks ago and didn't get them filled - so I kept going to my manicurist and had her file them down - then I was using Nail Envy. That was, until I found out about Gelish. I had the acrylic taken off earlier this week and had the Gelish put on tonight - I just love it! To have my OWN nails looking nice is amazing - they are a lot shorter than they normally are, but I'm loving that too - so much more natural.
Does anyone else use Gelilsh or a product similar?