1. Choosing to leave college after two years - although there is regret turned out to be for the best
2. Starting a career in Federal Civil Service
3. Marrying my husband against all odds-he is Black, 10 yrs older than I, his 2nd marriage & a child, Enlisted Marine (my Dad was an Officer)
4. Choosing life in 1994 when stricken with breast cancer - attitude is everything! Not really a decision but tying for 4th was standing by my Mom against my family (relationships with brother and sister still not healed) to not put her in a home in the last days of her life as she was succumbing to lung cancer. She died two weeks later and was in her own home until 12 hours before her last breath. Was the most important decision I ever made!
5. Retiring two years ealier than planned due to the "verbal" abuse of my boss. Was not worth staying and I have never been so happy!