...for our family...our son, Jacob and DIL, Amanda have officially moved out of Chicago.
Spent all day Wednesday and Thursday moving them (what a job!) - they do not have a place to stay yet (in the process of home-hunting) so will be staying w/ Amanda's grandparents for awhile. Their "stuff" is stored at my in-laws, at Amanda's parents house, at her grandparents house and at our house (our family area and the storage space in our basement is FULL of their things!).

They enjoyed the city but are ready to settle down, buy a home and start a family - and it makes my heart happy knowing that they will be close by rather than in the city ... we live about 3 hours west of Chicago and because of the terrible traffic, we didn't make the trip to visit them more than a couple of times a year ... they are looking for a home in the Galena IL area, which is only about 30 minutes from here - and a easy peasy drive. I'm just so excited for them!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!