Thanks ladies! So far so good. I think that in addition to going back to work, I am now entering the presidency of the state school counseling association and I have not found my balance yet, or my new family routine yet. Last week was a mess, my husband and I both thought the other was picking up the kids and around closing (daycare) time, we got a call from them...You know, stuff like that! It will get better soon. I do have conferences (away from home) and work hours over the summer, and summer leadership trainings to hold, etc. Normal won't start til Fall I guess. Yes, we are blessed to take time off for child rearing in our district. Due to budget cuts, they actually welcome extensions of leave so they can pay less for a substitute and don't have to pay insurance/benefit costs for the employee on leave. Husband and I planned for that year off accordingly, it was still hard to do though.
Hoping for some scrapping time when I come back from conference number 1 this summer...
Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for "listening"!