Yeah, I'm a little bit excited and a wee bit awake (thanks coffee) today. How is everyone? Good? GOOD! Well you should be.

NEXT Saturday, June 16th, is going to be our big YOU-ASK the designer blog interview. So.. do you know what that means?

I knew you were smart! That DOES in fact mean that YOU get to ask the designers what ever you want! (of course be mindful, respectful and silly ;) )

Please comment here in this thread any questions you have for May, our guest designer -Siamese Studio (who lives in Thailand! HOW COOL!), Jenn of Luv Ewe Designs and Amy of Unforgettable Moments. Then at the end of this week I will forward these questions to the designers and each designer will answer your questions - all will be revealed!

I can't say I'm not excited!

p.s. check out TODAY's post where we got to learn just who these lovely ladies were. Need help coming up with a question? Read their introduction bios, maybe you want to know more about May living overseas, or how Jenn manages 6 cats! Perhaps you want to know what it's like to handle a house full of boys, design, and get your masters, like Amy! WHEW!