I am fairly new to this craft. I have just started to do paper scrapbooking and digital pages. My first paper album is an ongoing project as it is a month by month for the 2012. I actually started scrapping in order to make our wedding album but found out that it shouldn't be my first project. So in searching for ideas I found out about digital scrapping, I love it. I've created 4 albums already, thanks to many great designers out there.
I have just recently retired from the work force and find myself sitting here at the computer scouring designer sites for more and more ideas, it gets to be overwhelming.
My husband and I have been married for 31 years and unfortunately have not been blessed with children. We live in a small farming town called Canora. My husband is retiring in about 5 weeks so he will be around alot more, that pleases me.
I guess that is enough rambling for now. Talk again soon.