FYI, if you're looking to make some cash for scrapping stuff, I HIGHLY recommend getting into online surveys/group studies. It sounds like a scam to some people, but my mother and I have both made some good chunks of change. I did one online group study where they sent me a Flip cam and I answered a bunch of questions about video game consoles every day for a week; I made $150 (PayPal deposit) for that and got to keep the camera. Also, my mom did a bunch of online surveys along with me and between the both of us, we earned enough to buy me a 3G/Wi-Fi Kindle (the one that was $189) AND the $50 lighted leather case--didn't cost us a penny! That was last summer. This summer, I want a Kindle Fire. We have been saving again and I'm about $40 off a completely free Fire. SERIOUSLY.

They're no substitute for a job, but it's a supereasy way to make some blow money for scrapping/online shopping. Different places pay different ways, but most either do PayPal, Amazon credit or virtual Visas. You won't qualify for every survey, but I seriously, seriously suggest everyone who has access to a computer sign up and make some extra cash!

There are lots of these companies out there, but here are my tried and trusted favorites:

Opinion Outpost:

TruePanel (my referral link):

20/20 Research: