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    Default Too much drama!

    The past two weeks have been nothing but drama drama drama at work!

    I am a supervisor over 48 ADULTS ... but seriously, sometimes I think teenagers would be better to deal with!!

    Monday of last week a female reported sexual abuse against one of her male co-workers.
    Wednesday of last week a female assocaite called our "Ethics Hotline" and said she was being treated unfairly because she was female.
    Today one of the associates got angry with another co-worker and kicked him in the shin- over and over again, with her steel toed shoe!! (Needless to say, this person is no longer employed here).

    It is just crazy - normally things go very well - no drama - no fights - nothing ...!

    I am ready for the weekend again, just like I was last weekend!! And to think, I still have another 11 years to work before I can retire!!!
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