Decisions, decisions... my hair is way overdue for coloring touch-up, it is as short as my current profile photo. I am completely gray/white, no here and there stray grays, everywhere white. I started going gray at 18 and at age 30 I was completely white, I am 35 yrs old now and I color/re-touch my hair every 4 weeks with a box color.
I am contemplating getting my hair like extremely boy short then just letting it grow out or then going to a salon and getting the color out (been dying it black for 3 years) I want to go brown or possibly dark red. I am just sick of my hairstyle and color and want a change. I have the box color ready to go, but almost just want to chop it all off and start fresh. What shall I do? I have really thick hair as well and naturally wavy, it is not a good wave either, it looks goofy and I have to almost always straigthen it. I have almost 1.5 inches of white hairs against black hair right now. I haven't found a good stylist really and hop around to other places still. Sucky all around.