This boy went to Omaha with his Daddy. They left 3 hours ago.

This one is bored ... already

But she loves her new haircut that she got Wednesday!!

Ack!! Run away! That one's just scary!!
She got a haircut too, though

Please ignore the tired face. She was ran around ALL week. Today is her first day at home with no vehicle necessities!

What do you do when you're going to have just one kid for 36 hours?

Wash your hair!! *snort*

Oh, and order pizza!!
One medium pizza, 2 orders of cheesy bread, 1 2-liter, and an order of cinnamon sticks.
These girls know how to party hearty!

Also on tap: Root Bear Floats, S'mores ice cream, popcorn, and lots of Wii-gaming and Netflix/movie watching

What do you do when you have a chance at a very relaxing "male-free" weekend?