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We did just send out invites for Cody's bday and we are having it at our house, so I wanted to only have a few kids too. I planned it on a weekday in the afternoon, so that should cut down on the number attending. Also, on the invite, we put that only lemonade tea and snowcones would be served. I made sure to not have it around meal time so that I don't have to feed parents too, LOL. I am also locking everyone OUT of my house, and staying in the pack patio, so there is no one lounging and such around the house. Most of the parties we went to did have a table specifically for the adults a ways away from the party too, so we will probably do the same.
I'm glad I'm not close enough to get invited- having all those fun critters and then being locked out of the only place where most of them are gone! But, it is a really good idea, and so fun to have an adult table.
For me, I only do 1 party- friends and family together. I totally know that adults are going to come, so it's not an issue. I just plan EXTRA big! Having leftovers-no problem for me- either send it home with as many others as will take them, or bring it all home for lunches and dinners the next few days! (Total bonus for me!) I did send out invites to about 15-16 friends, and about 1/2 of them RSVP'ed, and 1 asked if her older sister could come since her parents were out of town. (I assumed it was the older sister that was bringing her, but it was the 12 year old instead.) Still, it wasn't a big deal since I had planned for 3 kids that hadn't shown up anyway. Plus, I only have had like 3 parties for my 10 year old, so I don't think that gives enough times to be educated on this at all.

As for the homeschooling just dropping kids off, I totally get that. Plus, since my kid's "friends" aren't just from around the area, it usually takes about 20 minutes for me to get to the houses. I normally ask beforehand if I can stay and hang out in a separate room, though.