DD will be 5 in Sept. DH and I are trying to figure out what to do. Since she's getting older (meaning, she is starting to understand the idea of MORE MORE MORE lol), I want to keep the party small (so she doesn't get greedy!). Like, she can invite 5 friends. BUT, all of her friends have at least one sibling and in the past, even if we just put the friend's name on the invite, the parents bring the siblings, too. *sigh* So a party intended for 10 kids is really a party of 20 or 25 kids. I'm going to be honest: I don't want to pay for that many kids, and I don't want that many kids at my house. (And DH won't pay to have it anywhere else. And that's fine with me. The home is free: the local bounce house place starts at like $400 for a party!)

So how do I get the parents, some of whom I'm friends with, to understand that the invite is for the child DD knows and is friends with? I don't want to cause issues, but I want a small party where DD and her closest friends can really have fun--cuz I can spend more money on fun stuff to do instead of on food for the little kids whom I didn't invite in the first place. (Plus, I want the party to be for kids who are DD's age, not a lot younger or older. I want the kids to enjoy the party on the same level, ykwim?) I know this is a few months away, but I'm already worrying about it! I start to buy things for her party months in advance so that I can buy stuff when it's on sale. So I need to know that there will actually be only 5 kids plus DD at this shindig. I mean, you wouldn't bring people not on the invite to a wedding, so why would you do it to a party?