I posted this in the designer forum on Monday. but figured I would share it with you all here too

So you probably all know I live in my parents house. They went traveling for a year and while they were gone we moved in, and have been renting their house for over a year. Well... They came home about a month ago, but didn't want us to leave because they want to travel again and they like us taking care of the house and making the payments too

So they have been here, in their rv, in the front of the house. Well my dad is retired and he can't stand it if he is not busy.... So he decided he wants to do some remodeling. He wants to totally remodel the master bed and bath. Which is my room of course. Lol.

So he told me that I have until mid June to get everything out of the master bedroom and bath. Ugh ... And that means I have to share a room with one of my kids too... Ugh.

Then this morning I left to drop my son off at 6th grade camp and came home to find he decided to start TODAY!! Tearing down walls and Omg it is a WRECK!! So I'm now scrambling to get all my stuff out of my room and move it into another room, while I figure out where I'm gonna move into.

I'm ready to go crazy! You should see the house! It looks like a bomb went off! Sigh....
I almost want to just find a rental and move. Lol.

Hopefully I have a bed to sleep in tonight. Lol..... Oh what a fun few months this is going to be. Eeekkkkk.

And here is a quick photo I snapped-