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    Default Re: Brood of Chickens, any one else have them?

    Quote Originally Posted by scrappydoo82 View Post
    how cute! I wanted to get some but not too sure how the dog would handle that (everything seems to be how the dog would react to it when it comes to getting other animals -- booo!!)
    I def understand that.... we went through a tough time with our dog thinking some of the animals we had were their lunch. We lost a baby chick, a rabbit, and 2 ducks that way. (we thought we were being so careful, too)

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    We had chickens growing up.... The old chicken coop is still up in the property. The kids have all been asking if we can clean it up and get some chickens. But we do have 4 cats, so the chicken coop would need to be totally re-wired.

    But it might be worth it. I remember loving having chickens.

    Jen that photo is beautiful!! What a pretty chicken!!

    Susie that chicken castle is so stinkin cool!! How fun!

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