I woke up this morning and while checking my email I noticed a few emails from Walmart regarding an order placed, account information changes and an order pickup. Hmmm...I didn't order anything!! The item, a laptop, is to be picked up today in Kirkwood, MO between 10am and 10pm CST! I don't live in MO and haven't been in MO for a few years and I didn't even have a Walmart card then.

I called the Walmart 800 numbers and they aren't open YET!! They don't open until 9 CST I decided to call the store where the item is supposed to be picked up to speak with a store manager. He said I needed to call the 800 number, which I know, but I asked him to stop the order from being picked up! Luckily I have a 1 hour lead as I'm in EST.

I don't need this crap today.