I have a perfect example of this. When we adopted our son from Korea, we had the option of having him escorted to the United States or picking him up in Korea. I get motion sickness and the thought of being on an airplane that long with a child that didn't know me was absolutely terrifying. So we chose to have him escorted. But everytime I see pictures of my friends who flew to Korea, I wish I had gone for it. They have these amazing photos and say what an awesome experience it is to meet their child's foster family, see where they were born, etc.

So, when we decided to adopt again, I thought, "We should do it! We should go to Korea!" But this time I had the same fears, plus the fear of having to either take Kaden with us and dealing with a toddler on the plane AND a baby, or having to leave him behind with my family and the thought of him missing out. Long story short, I talked myself out of it again and we had her escorted too.

I need to get over myself. Seriously.