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I do homeschool. I am on a yahoo group for my area, but I haven't seen anyone do anything like this. Do you homeschool as well? I would love to be pointed in the right direction for resources!
I do homeschool as well. I will go through my resources in the next couple days and send you a PM. But if you want to join a group of ladies that have incredible ideas ~ head on over to homeschoolshare.com ~ and you can join the forum as well. HSS has free unit & literature studies & printables created by other homeschool moms. And the ladies in the forum are AWESOME. Search around there. Many of them are using lapbooks or notebooks in their schooling and can help point you in the right direction to create a state notebook.

The books listed on HSS would also be a great starting point for learning about the different states. I believe there is a list based on geography. And they don't recommend bad books, so you can know that the books are all GOOD. Oh, and did I mention that it's all free?

When I get a chance tomorrow or Monday, I'll take a look through my bookmarks & resources to see what I can find for you.