OK- so I'm looking at doing something for my daughter (who would be 5th grade next year) that I did as a 5th grader, and I was hoping to have some ideas bounced off here too! It was a book of states. I still have it, it's just packed up in a book about 2 hours from me! Here is what I remember.

Each page:
Title- State
Picture of State
Date of Statehood
Capital City
State Bird (picture?)
State Tree
State Flower
State Flag (picture)
State Nickname

Anyway. I know I can go to target or walmart to get a book that probably has all of this stuff in it, plus games, but I don't think it would mean as much to her to just do a coloring book page. (Maybe it's just better and easier to do anyway and I should just forget trying to do this.)

Also, any ideas that your school has done that you are like totally amazed at for history stuff would be awesome too! I remember doing a who's who in history in 7th grade, and I may be doing that this upcoming year as well.

Thanks so much ladies! I'm sure that there probably is just a website that has print off pages, but I can't find any free ones! I would be willing to pay a few $$ for stuff, but not the $20-$30/ year subscriptions that most are. (Unless it is COMPLETELY AWESOME and you tell me that I just HAVE to have it!)