Last Tuesday when I got off from work I had so many missed calls from hubby and my MIL and then couldn't reach either one of them. Went along with the day as usual and picked up DD from the dacyare and took her to her gymnastic practise. Then just before 6 pm hubby calls to let me know that his great aunt died earlier that day. She had not children herself and hubby and his brother spent so much time with her and she literally is their 2nd grandmother. She would be 96 this summer so of cause we all knew this would be coming but still it is always a surprice.

Anyways, being that we are not sure what we believe in so we told DS that his grandfather had died (he died back in 2004 and DS is born in 2005) and that he lived in the cemetary. It seemed easiest when he was three. Anyways, when we told DS and DD that their great aunt died DS immediately assumed she'd be living in the cemetary with his grandfather. But DD literally freaked out because her great-aunt has the same name as my friend who happens to be her friends mom. So we ended up calling my friend who didn't answer so I texted her to call when she could so she could talk to DD. She calls, but DD refuses to talk to her because she was "gone"! All day yesterday she was sure that my friend had died and when I tried to get her to go over to my friends house to show her she was fine she flat out refused to go! Finally, this morning my friend calls - because our son's ride their bykes together to school - to check if DS wasn't riding his byke this morning - I was able to get DD to talk to her on the phone, and when we hung up she kept saying "she's not gone"!