Ugh... earlier I had the Sherrif come up to my door asking if we have seen anything unusual because there was a break in at the storage place behind our house. I told him about hubs a couple weekends ago (apparently the time of the break in) about the dog waking hubs up at 2 am and 2 guys staring at the house and pointing towards the fence (hopefully for their common sense & security they noticed the beware of dog sign -- it will get ugly if he feels threatened) but with hubs being out of town, I couldn't give him much detail other then they were black. He tells to be extra safe since our fence is on 2 sides of their property. Seriously??????? this just makes me feel great being alone with 2 kids. So he's going to send someone out to patrol while hubs is gone.

so just got this image in my head that mama's gonna have to suck it up and pretend she's Annie Potts..
Reasons like this is why I am glad my dad's best friend of 20+ years/ retired marine lives next door to me.