Hey ladies, I have one more speed scrap and than I am going to relax! LOL
This weekend has been crazy fun, right!
I will post one instruction every 10 minutes and I am thinking one lucky person will win my grab bag (but you have to join us and scrap)

Be sure to post your completed layout in this thread and in the speed scrap gallery so you can earn your points!
Speed Scrap Instructions

1. Choose one patterned paper and one solid paper in contrasting colors - place on your page (cut, tilt, or shape however you want)

2. Choose a ribbon and fastener and fasten your papers together

3. Choose at least one photo (more is ok) and place on your page.

4. Frame your photos with 2 different frames (round and square, etc.)

5. Add at least 6 more elements to your page

6. Use an alpha to create a large title on your page

7. Add journaling, shadows, tidy up and post when your done!