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    Default SS! Sunday 4pm EST, Join me!!

    Hey girls! I will be hosting a Speed Scrap at 4pm EST (in about 30 minutes)
    I will be in the chat room and I will also update the instructions here in the forum.

    Sarah (my left hand lady) wrote this Speed Scrap for me
    Please disregard her shameless sucking up ;) Of course I don't mind... who doesn't like to be called beautiful?? LOL.
    I hope you all have fun!! I can't wait to see your LO's! All participants get 1 point for attending, or 2 points for attending AND turning in your LO on time!
    You have until 7pm EST to post your LO's IN THIS THREAD and a link to the gallery, so we can leave you some love

    Here we goooo....

    Sitting at a table, with three of your best friends, you take a look around. The room is filled with eager scrapbookers. Everyone is just brimming with excitement for NSD. What’s around the corner? What will be the next big sale? Are there more surprises?
    The door opens, and a beautiful woman walks in. Her dark hair frames her face, and she smiles broadly and says,

    “Welcome to Gingerscraps. I’m Ginger, and I’m going to be your host for this little speed scrap. Each step will add a little something special to your layouts, and the goal is to have fun and have a beautiful layout when we’re all finished.
    If there are no questions, we’ll begin.”

    STEP ONE will be posted at 4pm EST

    She sits down at the front of the room, and puts up three fingers.

    1. “Three papers are to be used. Layer them, chop them up, whatever you want, but three unique papers must be found.”

    You speedily get to work. Oh no! You haven’t chosen what kit to use! Do you choose the kit first? Or the pictures?
    Ginger sees the struggle and suggests “You may wait and choose the papers after you hear the second step."

    2."Choose two pictures. One is to be portrait and one is to be landscape. You may choose if that means an actual portrait and landscape, or if it’s to mean horizontal and vertical.”

    You smile. You know exactly what you’re going to do. This is going to be a gorgeous layout. It might even be one of your best yet.

    3. “The time has come for another step,” Ginger softly says. “When six elements become one, a cluster is formed. Create a cluster, and use it in a corner of one of your pictures.”

    Six elements? Does that mean six of the same? Does it have to be unique. Since the instructions weren’t specific, you go with your gut.

    4. “Tie it up with a bow, or lay it flat. A ribbon adds a special little touch, a little mystery or inspiration. One ribbon is to be somewhere around.”

    Ribbons. You love using ribbons. They can be used to hide an imperfection in a picture or to draw the eye to another picture. This layout is turning out great!

    5. “A layout can be thought of as plain with nothing but a cluster, but we do not want plain. Five more elements are desired.”

    Okay, five more elements. That’s making a total of eleven, if you don’t count the ribbon as one. You’ve got this. You’re doing well. But you’re wondering why Ginger is speaking the way she is. You wonder if she’s a fan of Sweet Genius on the FoodNetwork.

    6. “There are a few items considered to be a requirement for all digital and traditional scrapbookers alike. Tags, buttons, staples, and tape. Flowers, nature items, and more, are part of those as well. Add three items you believe to be a requirement to have on hand.”

    You nearly laugh out loud. The easiest step thus far. Until you think. What are the requirements? You think, and you know…. You know what to use!

    7. “The finishing touches are always the things that tie a layout all together. A title, a date, some journaling. One can never go wrong with making sure that all works. But none of them are truly required. So, use as you’d like.”

    You wonder what you should add, and then you decide...
    You’re done. You’ve completed a layout. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely. You cannot resist giving your gracious host a hug in thanks for helping you create a layout you love.
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