last week when I found out it was National Scrap Day I was soooooo ever excited till this weekend.
I started my very first garden ever - Tuesday
Started the 2 nd part of the garden- Wednesday
swiped some flowers from a for sale house across the street - with permission- Thursday
Slept all day with migraines and cramps- Friday
Cleaned house and argued with kids- Saturday
and today I spent my day cleaning the fiance's car out and washed it and I feel like crap-o-la
I have not been in a scrapping mood lately - do you think I lost my ooomph?
I can't find it for the life of me - LOL
I still have packing to do by Wednesday- because I will be on a 4 day scrap-booking convention with my mom and sister. GLMM 2012 is gonna rock..... I am excited and not excited
please any advice?