Can't I ever get a break - I feel like its been one thing on top of another since November! UGH! I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend scrapping and at home.

My aunt just texted me - my mom was supposed to go to CO today to help my sister with last minute wedding details. Well instead of the airport - she had my aunt drive her to the ER. Her heart was racing so they did an EKG and it was determined to be caused from extreme pain. 2 doses of pain meds and she is still in extreme pain. They have also now given her meds to help releive the pressure in her chest. They are thinking blocked pancreas.

So now I want to head taht way intead of a relaxing weekend at home!! Please pray its a quick fix (altho I have a feeling its not) and she can still fly out to CO to spend time with my sister (who texted me and said "what the heck did you do to mom!")