I want to thank all of you who commented on both of the LOs I made for this month's Desktop Challenge (and for my October desktop calendar). In particular, the photo of my granddaughter in the pumpkin patch sitting on a white pumpkin has garnered a number of remarks.

Being my usual curious self, I too became interested in these strange-looking pumpkins. I've seen purple carrots and other vegetables that are colored differently from the norm, but I've never seen a white pumpkin, either in real life or in a photo, until now. So I decided to head to good ole Google to see what I could find out about this anomaly.

It seems that white pumpkins are not that unusual after all, especially if you grew up in New England. Apparently, these albino pumpkins (which have a naturally white skin) are specially bred hybrids prized for carving, painting, and decorating one's home and table. They make good eating, too.

You don't live up north? Well, thanks to the wonderful grocery and trucking industry we enjoy in the U.S., those of us who live further south and west are now able to buy these curiosities for our own needs (e.g., the white pumpkins pictured in my LO were sold at a farmer's market in Central Texas).

I especially like the regal table setting in the top photo located on this webpage:

Doesn't that look inviting? On second thought, I don't think my young grandchildren are ready for something like this just yet.

And surprise, surprise ... here's yet another veggie that also comes in white: Crystal Apple Cucumbers

Be sure to check out Pinterest for many more ways to decorate with white pumpkins, from autumn festivities to winter weddings. I can also imagine white pumpkins, large and small, with red ribbons and green boughs in December celebrations.