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    Default Camera Recommendations

    So I swear I'm on like my third point and shoot camera in a matter of a few years.....I've either dropped them which lead to some problems (oops) or just get frustrated by the picture quality/speed.

    So...I'm looking to treat myself to a new camera with some of my Christmas giftcards. Way back in the day I had a Canon Rebel SLR, but have never had a digital SLR and am thinking of getting one. Mainly I've stuck to basic point and shoot cameras over the years....

    So I'm looking for recommendations...anyone use a Digital SLR and if so which camera would you recommend? Or any super awesome point and shoots you'd recommend? My current one is a Sony Cybershot about a year old and the picture taking SPEED is SOOO slow and when other people take pictures for me they are all blurry because it takes FOREVER to take the picture....

    Looking for suggestions ladies so send them my way!!

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    Default Re: Camera Recommendations

    I have a Canon Rebel XS for a dslr, which is really old model but it works beautifully after 5 years.
    My P&S is an older ELPH (130 IS) that shoots beautifully and pretty fast (big requirement of mine. Cybershots are notoriously slow (I have one as well. My daughter loves it).
    The ELPH and Powershot from Canon are wonderful. Never had any issues with them. They just age and upgrades needed.
    Find one with a rechargeable battery, and make sure you purchase extras.

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    Default Re: Camera Recommendations

    I have a Sony A900 and I love it. I had a Sony A100 before it...well until its demise when I dropped it... I am so glad for it. I, too, HATE the delay. We have a point and shoot, and I HATE IT! BUT, we bought one of those Fuji underwater p&S and I love it. My husband hates it however because it doesn't zoom all that far...but I don't care... I am not trying to get Mickey Mouse's nose hairs! At least it doesn't take a week and a half to take the photo. I hope you find one you love!

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    Default Re: Camera Recommendations

    I have a bunch of cameras...
    canon p& s (old)
    canon- 7d and an older canon xti. Plus several lenses.
    and underwater - but not happy with them.

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