hey join me in the chat room for a fun lunch time speed scrap! i'll also be updating this post with directions! you have until 4pm est today to finish this speed scrap make sure you post your layout here so i know who gets points for the megas!

Step1: Find at least 3 photos!
Step2: Pick out 2 Background Papers and layer them
step3: now to where to place your photos, place them in the upper or lower left side of the layout, you can cluster them or keep them in a line.
Step4: now that your photos are in place find 3-4 diffent flowers and cluster under your photos, you can use the same one a few times.
Step5: find some foliage and cluster that with your flowers, let them branch out.
Step6: Throw some ribbon in to your Cluster
Step7: add any thing extra you would like, title and date it.
Step8: upload to the gallery and post you layout here!

thanks for joining me! it was super fun, remember to post here or i wont know who gets points, and i know you want the megas!