The appointment went well on last Thursday. I was in the room with him and he did talk to the woman counselor several times, each time his voice was getting a little louder in volume, which I was very surprised. He doesn't talk to strangers and heck, he has been in 1st grade all year and doesn't talk to teachers he's known or his own teacher. He is going to see a therapist weekly for now, I don't think I will be in the therapy room for now on unless Morgan or the therapist wants me in there. So I guess I'll have waiting room time, better bring a book or play with my phone. He opened up on some things, the therapist asked him if he wanted to hurt himself or thought about dying and he answered no to that thank goodness. He was hesitant but she was doing the play therapy with him to get him to talk, asking him about what he can build with Legos and he showed off that he had built about 3 inch high numbers, he went 1 through 10 and was quite proud of his constructing. He seemed to really connect with her, so she's a keeper. When we are out and about at grocery stores or restaurants I am encouraging him to talk and say hello or order his food. He does and it is still at a low whisper, but baby steps I guess.
He goes next time to see the therapist at 8am next Friday. He was a chatterbox after the initial meeting and told me he likes her and that he was nervous at first and then he wasn't so nervous anymore. He asked me if he can bring in his Nintendo DS Scribblenauts game and show it to her. She knows he is a great artist so I think next session, they are going to do some artwork and 'talk'.

The therapist asked my son about the angels he was talking about and he told her he sees them everywhere. She asked like where do you see them and he had started to get emotional so she didn't pressure him and she said, that's ok, we can talk about that next time and he nodded in agreement.