sigh... my 7 yr old son Morgan is in the first grade. He is a very happy and smart boy, but in school this year it is a completely different story. He refuses to speak to teachers when called on, even in basic conversation, he does not talk to them. When talking to his peers, he leans in real close to them and speaks, but it is almost a whisper. We've noticed this at home, at times he is talking and laughing and having a good ol' time with his older brother (who has Autism) and other times he is stone cold quiet and will not even look you in the eye when you are trying to talk to him and get a response. I actually was subbing as a Para today at my boys school and his teacher talked to me and expressed her deep concern today about his extreme shyness. She is going to get the ball rolling and contact the school psychologist and school counselor to do some assessments possibly and start some observations. I have noticed this and it is quite frustrating, I just do not know what to do. They brought up "Selective Mutism" and I am familiar with this as I work in a preschool setting and one of the preschoolers has this. I do see a lot of similarities with this student and my son. My son has started to cry for unknown reasons at school and this lasts for 30 or more minutes, I've had lots of calls from the nurse that he was crying and they didn't know why and he wasn't using his words to tell them. They just knew he wasn't hurt from asking him is he hurt and he would shake his head NO. Other times I have had to pick him up at school because he has vomited, once any child vomits, parents are called and you take your child home since they are 'sick' but in this case, my son has worked himself up over something in school and vomited. Like right now, I am on the couch and he is talking up a storm watching Chipwrecked Chipmunk Movie, he is commenting and laughing and very vocal. Now place him in a school setting or at a relatives house or out to eat at a restaurant and he is silent, he will not look up at you and give you eye contact, he most certainly will not tell the waitress what he wants to order for food, if he does it is a whisper, heck sometimes I think he thinks he is whispering but no words are coming out. Anyway, the teachers are quite concerned with his behavior this year and want to do some more research and try to get a handle on this before it gets worse, next year his new teacher make take this as being defiant when there could be something really wrong, so I am looking for any suggestions or advice if anyone has dealt with something like this with their child.